Saturday, September 24, 2011


I decided to watch premieres of new shows this week, and it really hit home how TV watching has ceased to be a habit for me.  In fact, I so rarely turn on the TV that I think I'm paying about $15 per episode of the Daily Show. I should probably cancel my cable.

I don't say this because I'm one of those pretentious oh-I-don't-even-HAVE-a-TV types. It's that it got me thinking about habits. I've read that it takes 3 weeks for a regular practice to become a habit, which in the scheme of things isn't very long at all.

This week I worked hard to strengthen my low-carb habit, and didn't have any cheats or slip-ups, unlike last week.  The scale is teasing me though - I've been hovering around 222 all week, but I also feel like I've lost a tad in the way of inches - I can always tell if there is more or less thigh rub.  Ha.

I did develop one bad habit I need to stop - I've been PMSing like a mofo and for the last few evenings I've whipped up a bit of heavy cream with cocoa powder and splenda. It's delicious, but also very high in calories in fat, and it may be contributing to my stall.  So that's gotta stop.

And I was less good about exercising.  Considering how much I just shelled out on my elliptical, there's really no excuse for this.

So, my focus now is on building habits and stamping out the bad ones.  Inch by inch, I'll get this done. And I can't wait!

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