Sunday, November 6, 2011

Something Must Be Working

For the last three weeks, I've been pretty much off plan.  It started with a party, and eating carby things and remembering how much I like them. Then things like tomato soup. Next thing you know I was eating sandwiches.  It wasn't a terrible binge - I was eating reasonable portions, just not tracking calories or carbs or really giving a shit.  For example, I developed a strange affinity for Trader Joe's tamales and have been eating one for breakfast every day.

So imagine my surprise today to step on the scale and see that I'm down to 210 (bringing my total weight loss to 18.2 pounds).  Last time I weighed I was hovering around 216 and not budging. This is the first time in my life I've stepped on a scale and the number was LOWER than what I was expecting.  I'm shocked.

And it's not a fluke either. My jeans are starting to fall off. I figured it was because they were a stretchier fabric, but I can't deny that practically falling off sometimes.

So what happened?  How could I possible lose weight without sticking to my time-tested practice of obsessing, daily weighing, and calorie counting?

A few theories:

1) The dog. I've been walking the dog a LOT, about 5-6 miles a day, sometimes more on weekends.  I really enjoy our walks - it gives me time to relax and let my mind wander and enjoy the fresh air. When I got her I struggled to walk 2 miles with her. Now I find myself adding on more distance just because I feel like. Last night our quick jaunt around the block turned into an hour and a half walk, just 'cause I felt like it.  It's great for her too - she's a high energy dog and has some fear aggression issues that make the dog park not an option anymore. We do need to work on some leash manners but we're getting there.  The walking is good for both of us.  I may even have to start jogging!

2) Thyroid meds. My doctor made a small adjustment a few weeks ago, and I've been feeling better on this new dosage. Plus it's fewer pills so I'm not forgetting to take them as much.

3) Antidepressants. A few weeks ago my doctor started me on a low dose of Celexa in a pre-emptive strike against my annual bout with seasonal affective disorder. I've never been on antidepressants in my life and resisted it for a while, but I finally decided I don't want to suffer through January and February anymore.  I have noticed that I feel a little more relaxed in general. This may also be linked to the thyroid and the dog. Who knows.

Whatever it is, something is clearly working!  And I'm going to try to capitalize on this initial success by making some small (non-obsessive) adjustments to my diet here and there.

Also, I'm saying goodbye to the fattest fat jeans.

And I'll keep taking my four-legged friend exploring.  I'm glad to have a friend who loves hiking as much as I do!