Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little stumble

Oh my. After a great first week I stumbled a bit this last week. But I'm still down to 221.2, so I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks. I'll take it!

So what happened?

Well, I ended up at two happy hours right after work this week. So beer plus $2 appetizers - that's a hard one.  I'm not disciplined enough to just ignore food altogether when I haven't eaten for hours.  So that's what happened.  And then that turned into a couple other very small cheats here and there.  Mostly wine. I know I shouldn't be drinking alcohol but I really enjoy a glass of wine every evening with some good cheese.  I suppose if I keep losing though I can keep the wine.

I also didn't exercise very much.  I was feeling rather under the weather and right now I have a very bad cold.  But it's ok. Tomorrow is a new day. And 7 pounds is 7 pounds!

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