Monday, February 6, 2012

Dancing on the Edge of ONEderland

I'm almost to my first big milestone! ONEderland!

I just weighed in at 200.6 pounds, which is mind-boggling to me because it means the past, uh, 29 pounds haven't been a total fluke, or water weight, or whatever I usually tell myself when I don't want to believe this is actually working. I've struggled with my thyroid and trouble losing weight for so long that it doesn't seem real.

But it is!  I picked up a 30-pound bag of dog food the other night just to remind myself of how significant is is. That's how much weight I'm NOT schlepping around right now, how much weight is not straining my back or hurting my feet or joints. It's a great feeling!

So I'm alllllmost in the 100s. That's big. That's HUGE.  I'm huge, I know, but that's a huge deal for me. It was shocking for me the first time I faced the scale after gaining so much and saw that I was around 215 (I thought I was around 185 at the time), but now it's great to be saying goodbye to the 200s on the way down, never to see them again.

So here's hoping tomorrow morning I wake up and the first number on the scale is a big number ONE.

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