Monday, October 10, 2011

Day of Debauchery

Had a bit of a disruption to my eating and dog-training over the weekend, as my sister was in town.  Deciding it was easier to just eat like a normal person rather than get interrogated by my sister, I decided that one day off plan would be ok.  I didn't go crazy, brunch at a nice restaurant where I ate a beignet and some potatoes, a sorbet mid-day, and Thai food for dinner.

The dog, for her part, learned she could get away with a lot more too. My sister let her sleep in the bed, and the dog quickly figured out she could ignore my commands and go snuggle with my sister. So now good cop is gone, and she's stuck with bad cop.  She knows - after one attempt to jump on the couch she was reminded of who's the boss around here.

So we're back to our best behavior today - me in eating right and exercising, and the dog in following the rules.

It's Columbus Day, which I just love as a Federal employee, so I've got the day off.  The dog and I have some long walks planned, and I have lots of cleaning to do.

I've also decided to hire a cleaning service after I get some stuff put away.  I feel better and more in control when my home is clean, but I despise cleaning.  To me it's worth the cost to have someone else do it.  Is it shameful for a young, single woman to have to hire people to clean her house? Perhaps. Do I care? Not really.

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